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The MIDDLE GEORGIA ASSOCIATION of REALTORS® is a COMMITTEE driven Association. We invite your active participation in our many committees.

Committee Descriptions


This Council shall be made up of active affiliate members and shall act in the capacity of advisors to the Association.  The President shall appoint the Chair of this committee.  This committee will be responsible for helping plan the annual Affiliate Trade Show.


This is a special committee appointed to work with GAR, NAR and local officials to encourage the REALTORS® to become interested and active in the housing needs of the community.

This committee shall have the following responsibilities:

  1. To receive and investigate complaints of violations of Article 10 of the Code of Ethics and points 1 through 4 of the Code of Equal Opportunity in Housing and refer such complaints to the Professional Standards Committee.
  1. To work with the Education Committee to develop educational and training courses for REALTORS® on the duties, obligations and rights of REALTORS® under the Fair Housing Laws.


This committee is comprised of 2 Past Presidents, 2 Past Award Recipients and three people from the general membership that have at least 3 years service with the Middle Georgia Association.  The Chair of the committee (the first year) shall be appointed by the President.  The President-Elect shall appoint the Vice Chair.  The Vice Chair shall automatically proceed to the Chairmanship of the committee the following year.

The purpose of this committee shall be to review and maintain the high caliber criteria established for the awards approved by the Association.

Established Awards may include the following:

  1. REALTOR of the Year
  2. REALTOR Spirit
  3. Rookie of the Year
  4. Community Service
  5.  Affiliate of the Year

The committee, strictly adhering to the approved criteria for each award, shall make selections for recipients of these awards.  The committee may make other awards as they deem necessary, which are not otherwise delegated to other committees, provided the Board of Directors has given approval.

The Committee shall be responsible for submitting the entry form for the REALTOR of the Year to G.A.R.  (Period for consideration is June 1 through May 31st).

Awards will be presented at the Annual Awards Luncheon.


This Council shall be made up of Designated and Managing Brokers and shall act in the capacity of advisors to the Association.  The President shall appoint the Chair of this committee.


This committee advises and recommends actions related to the budget and financial matters.  It also prepares the annual Association budget.  The V.P. of Administration & Finance shall be Chair of this committee with the President, President Elect, and V.P. of Administration & Finance Elect.  This committee is also responsible for the maintenance and repairs of the building and property.  They shall advise the Board of Directors regarding any major purchases or expenditures including furniture and fixtures.


This committee shall be made up of 9 members who are ACTIVE LIFE CIRCLE OF EXCELLENCE MEMBERS appointed for three year terms with three members rotating each year.  Two of the above members will be Eagle Award recipients and one will be either a Phoenix or a Silver Award recipient.  The members will be appointed by the Association President on or before December 31st of each year.  The President will select the Chair from those who have served on the committee the previous year.

It shall be the duty of this committee to consider all applications during the month of January, strictly adhering to the approved criteria for membership; submit a report to the Board of Directors giving recommendations with regard to each applicant; set a fee, prior to asking for applications for membership, which shall cover the cost of plaques and ad in the newspaper.


Mission Statement

  1. Enhance the competence of those engaged in Commercial/Investment Real Estate in the Middle Georgia Association of REALTORS® and to offer their clients the most favorable environment to affect a sale, purchase or lease of such properties.
  1. Support the professional practice of its members.
  1. Promote public confidence in the integrity, competence and professionalism of the Commercial/Investment members of the Middle Georgia Association of REALTORS®.
  1. Promote the view of its members on governmental, legislative and regulatory matters.
  1. Explore with the Middle Georgia Association of REALTORS® the development and delivery of CI Courses and Seminars to promote the CI business in Middle Georgia.
  1. To support and encourage the committee's efforts to deliver information to its membership and to enhance their professional practice.
  1. Promote cross-communication through exchange of ideas and information in order to establish a harmonious relationship between council members.


This committee handles registration & hospitality at all Association Luncheons, any special events & organizes special membership events (i.e. Annual Awards Luncheon, Affiliate Trade Show, etc.) including food, entertainment, etc.  All expenditures must be budgeted, reviewed by the Association Executive and the Executive Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.  This committee will also help decorate the Association for the Christmas Holidays.

This committee is also responsible for keeping REALTORS® active in service to their community.  They coordinate "meaningful public service programs which will upgrade the quality of life" in Middle Georgia and show that REALTORS® care about the total well-being of the communities from which they earn their livelihood."  This committee shall be comprised of however many members the Chair feels is needed to accomplish the task.  The President shall appoint the Chair of this committee.


This committee promotes awareness of the need for real estate education; implements local education objectives and programs; promotes and provides support for State and National Association educational objectives and programs.  This committee will also provide our members with Continuing Education and handles the orientation of new members.  It keeps the orientation program up-to-date with current information.  The V.P. of Professional Development will serve as Chair of this committee.  This committee shall be comprised of however many members the Chair feels is needed to accomplish the task.


This Committee shall consist of those appointed and receiving the GAR training to serve on the statewide Grievance and Professional Standards Committees.  Committee members agree, if available to attend hearings as needed.


This committee is charged with encouraging and soliciting new members; promotes recognition of outstanding member contributions, encourages membership participation in Association programs; processes membership applications for action by the Board of Directors; and promotes membership in the Association.


This committee, with the help of the Association Executive, coordinates meetings as needed in surrounding counties to help keep the membership informed on issues impacting those areas.  The committee will help secure sponsors, locations for the meetings and speakers.


This committee shall consist of 9 members, five (5) of whom shall be the immediate Past Presidents able to serve.  The President from the membership at large shall appoint four members.  The Past President once removed shall serve as Chair.

It is the responsibility of this Committee to select a candidate for each office except President and one candidate for each place to be filled on the Board of Directors.  The committee's recommended slate shall be presented to the Board of Directors at their August meeting.  The report of the committee shall be mailed to each member at least four weeks preceding the election.  The election shall take place at the October meeting.


The duties of this committee shall be to promote the understanding of the function of the GEORGIA REALTORS® POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE; to establish individual local membership goals for RPAC contributors; to access requests and make recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval of RPAC local funds for local candidates and/or issues; shall furnish G.A.R'S District Congressional RPAC Trustee with input on state candidates and/or issues.  The committee has the authorization for the distribution of funds, using criteria to support candidates that best serve the interest of the local real estate industry.

This committee will stimulate political awareness among the members of the Association, monitor license law changes, and analyze and respond to local, state, and national legislation.  They also coordinate legislative objectives with the State and National Associations.  This committee shall consist of at least 5 members being the Chair, V.P. of Governmental Affairs, Association President, Political District Coordinator and GAR's District Congressional RPAC Trustee.  Other committee members can be appointed as the Chair sees fit.


This committee shall be chaired by the President Elect and shall be responsible for planning and scheduling the programs for the regular Association Luncheon meetings.  The committee shall contact the speaker, arrange for introduction of the speaker and send a thank you letter after the meeting.


This committee is charged with studying how the Association can better serve the members and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors for implementation.  This Committee shall consist of the President, Immediate Past-President, President-Elect and 4 members appointed to 2-year terms.  2 members will rotate off every year.  The President shall appoint 2 new members and shall appoint the Chair from the members serving the previous year.


This committee is charged with studying how the Association can better serve members under 39 and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors for implementation.   Special events and activities to include networking, educational and fundraising opportunities open only to members under 39.  The goal of this committee is to help form a strong support structure for this age group as well as friendships to last throughout their real estate career.